Our Work

Moody Sewage Logo

The Moody Sewage brand is iconic: it’s original, memorable and fun! The bright colours, the Moody eyes, the cartoon characters… a Moody Sewage vehicle is instantly recognisable.

Their website didn’t match. It was outdated, not showing off the branding to it’s best  and not really fit for modern business needs. It was a static website with no way for the staff at Moody Sewage to edit the content without paying a web developer to do it for them.

When they approached us to re-design and rebuild their website, we decided on two main goals: to design a website which elevated the Moody Sewage brand, and to give control of the content back to Moody Sewage.

Knowing this we decided on a bit of pro-active design work to show them the kind of thing they could have. Luckily for us they loved our initial design and our vision of how to bring the website into the 21st Century.

The Old

Moody Sewage - old Homepage


The New

Moody Sewage - New Homepage


The Work

You can have a lot of fun with a brand like this, so in addition to making the website attention grabbing and eye opening we also added some micro-interactions to the website – from a logo that will wink and wiggle it’s eyebrows at you, to a tanker icon which drives off screen when you hover over it.

And to keep the website bespoke and unique to Moody Sewage, we also re-rendered the Moody characters using flat colours to give them a more modern look and animated each one to bring them to life. From waggling glasses, to digging spades the website is full of little things for you to look at and interact with. You can see some of these characters here.

These interactions and animations aren’t just for fun though – these flourishes and details make the website more engaging. They keep people reading content and clicking links.