Our Work

The Brief

Las Bodegas was formed as the result of like-minded individuals coming together to create an exciting new business opportunity and bring wines predominantly from Argentina but also from Spain and France to customers in the UK. With this adventurous spirit at the forefront, Las Bodegas had a clear idea of what they wanted from their website. Interest was focussed on the design of the graphics and use of colour within the site, as well as the positive impression of personality that this would leave on those who visited. Las Bodegas wanted a website that would mirror the spirit and enthusiasm of the directors whilst also communicating individuality to help make them really stand out from the crowd.

The Work

At our studio we discussed functionality requirements that would be important to make sure the new website had the right user experience. In doing so, we made sure that the interface is intuitive and that the website is simple to navigate. Part of this involved making it straightforward to search for individual wines and that all wines from each specialist region were well showcased. We have also been precise in making sure that the design of the pages for each wine also reflects the origin of each individual bottle.

The site was created with cutting edge coding techniques to ensure that the vision born from the design process was realised in a way that gave every visitor fast page loading speed with a fully responsive design making the site look great on desktops, mobiles and tablets. We also ensured that the CMS allowed Las Bodegas to add future content with ease, and we also made sure that the website is SEO friendly.

wine website design

wine website design

wine website design

The Results

The new Las Bodegas website provides a level of functionality that suits the ideals of the directors. The result is a vibrant new online presence that demonstrates the individuality and people focussed, warm and friendly attitude that Las Bodegas wanted to present from the outset, and together with state of the art coding and functionality; the new website is future proofed for some time to come.