Our Work


Godstone Farm is one of Surrey’s best kept secrets; located in the beautiful Surrey Hills, not far from the M25 with a focus on providing a fun day out for the whole family. There is a wide range of animals to interact with and activities to participate in. As part of our brief at Judd Associates we aimed to produce a vibrant, enticing, beautiful new website that conveyed the excitement of a day out at Godstone Farm, and to encourage greater interest in what Godstone Farm has to offer and most important of all; to generate more new enquiries.


To ensure that we produced a website that was SEO friendly and optimised for families on-the-go looking for great days out, we agreed that the design needed to be fully responsive, accessible and easy to navigate on desktops and mobile devices. We also wanted to ensure that it is was easy for nominated managers to access and control content on the site so we built everything on a customised version of MODX which is a multi-functional CMS solution. It was also important to ensure the website we delivered reflected the ability for children to learn whilst having fun.

The addition of an easy to use WordPress blog gives Godstone Farm a straightforward way to keep everyone “in the loop” about upcoming activities and events.

Godstone Farm Web build


With a responsive design fully implemented; Godstone Farm’s new website has already encouraged greater visitor numbers and strikes the perfect balance in communicating both the fun and learning that can be experienced at the Farm. Godstone Farm’s new website appeals to children of all ages whilst also catching the eye of parents and grand parents looking to find a fun family day out. As well as giving a great initial impression the new website is truly functional, simple to navigate and certain of an excellent user experience.