A well optimised SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) campaign has proven time and time again that it can have the power to propel websites into growth previously unknown. The significant impact that SEO can bring makes it a must-have inclusion in your marketing mix.

As an SEO company based in Lewes, Michael Bell One combines 20 years of experience to bring our clients the most cutting edge campaigns that really deliver results. We provide our in-house SEO, web marketing, and strategy services throughout the East Sussex area.

To achieve the consistent results, we pay attention to the small details that really make a difference. A full on-site audit we provide us the information we need to understand what level of what has been done, and what remains.  We leave no stone unturned, and that means everything from H1s, descriptions, title tags and backlinks all get thoroughly assessed.

To keep you fully aware of how your campaign is progressing, we provide personally written, in-depth bi-monthly reports that cover everything from keyword positions and search visibility, to page interaction and landing page statistics. These reports have all the jargon and figures that you would expect, but with a personal touch to explain them and help you understand what we are doing to help your website to rank higher in Google.

For an honest approach to Search Engine Optimisation which helps you see through the mist of technical jargon contact Michael Bell One today.