GDPR – Are You Ready?

Countdown To GDPR – 25/05/18

We’ve put together a handy flow chart to help you see if your company is ready for the new GDPR legislation. It’s still not confirmed exactly what the compliance will entail, but if you follow our tips hopefully you’ll be that little bit more prepared. If you think your website might not be ready, or for more information, give us a call on 01273 478822.

GDPR – Where Should I Start

We've got your back

As a local business we know how important solidarity is during these unique times we find ourselves in.

Here at MB1 we are very fortunate as a well established business to be able to weather storms like these - we are financially robust with a fully retained team working from home safely and securely. Our work server and systems have all recently been upgraded and are proving their worth right now.

We are committed to helping all of our clients, old and new, during this difficult time. So whatever support you need please don’t be shy in getting in touch - we’re offering exceptional deferred payment plans if required and for quick fix / simple requests would be glad to help for no fee.

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