Apprenticeships and Hands on Learning

‘I’ve always been a hands-on creative learner and after spending a year at college sitting in a classroom, I realised that it wasn’t for me’

Meet Poppy – she’s our new digital marketing apprentice. Poppy is working for us and she’s studying at the same time, so by the end of her contract with us Poppy will have on the job experience as well as a qualification. With Michael Bell One she’ll be focusing on digital marketing, SEO and coding.

Tell us a little bit about why you decided to work as an apprentice instead of continuing your studies at college?

I’ve always been a hands-on creative learner and after spending a year at college sitting in a classroom, I realised that it wasn’t for me. I’d never really thought about going down a different path I always just assumed I would complete college then go to university. So the idea of doing something different was completely new. I was looking online for other options and found out about apprenticeships. When I learnt that you could still get a qualification whilst gaining valuable experience, I decided that an apprenticeship was the best option for me. At first, I had no idea what I wanted to do an apprenticeship in. I looked through pages and pages of options, before stumbling across digital marketing. I knew I wanted to do something more creative and after researching the role I realised that a digital marketing apprenticeship could be for me.

You’ve only been at MB1 for a few weeks but what have you learnt so far about working at a design agency?

Since starting at Michael Bell One I’ve learnt so many new things. I’ve used Photoshop to edit images for websites, starting by editing the brightness to moving on to adding in Christmas decorations and changing background colours. I’ve added content to WordPress sites and learnt how to edit it. I’ve been out on client meetings. I’ve learnt about SEO, copywriting, how to proofread work and I’ve completed various different online courses such as Google ads certifications. These are all skills and processes that I’ve never done before and am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn them.

In the past I’ve done work experience where I’ve felt like I’m more of a burden than a helping hand. So the fact that I’m able to get involved and that I am doing as much as I am is great.

Do you know what you’d like to do after your apprenticeship finishes?

I would love to carry on working at Michael Bell One!  I would have passed my qualification but I’d still want to carry on learning. I know that I would want to carry on expanding my knowledge and progressing whether that is by just learning new things within the workplace or by completing a higher-level apprenticeship.

Is there anything that you really weren’t expecting?

This is a completely new experience for me so I wasn’t necessarily expecting to be able to help contribute straight away. However, I’m glad to be getting involved with work as much as I am. I’m a practical learner so being able to use what I’ve learnt to complete a task for a real-life scenario is perfect for me.